I do not usually post in English, but today is different. I will talk about of racism in United States as an American citizen with Caribbean and mixed culture descending. Most people in Europe think in United States like a paradise or a perfect place full of opportunities and progress. Let me tell you that: is lie, a big one lie. As a Puertorican I fell in my own skin a lot of discrimination, even when my skin color is not the darker.

The events in the past days are saddest but let me tell you something more; this is a reality and many Afroamericans, Latins, Hispanic, Gays, and other people, fight with these problems every day. Our system is a big shit and in this moment with the most disastrous president many of the supremacist have a free way to bully and make outrages to all of people that not represent their stupid meaning of a true American.

All days in America, at least, one person suffer discrimination and probably your human right are violated. This is not a joke, is a reality, is our daily bread. Sorry for being destroy your image of America. Like the video says “and if there is a God, they’ll know why it’s so hard to be human.”

P.D. El inglés es mi tercer idioma y hace bastante tiempo que no redacto directamente en inglés, disculpen cualquier error gramatical o de sintaxis.

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